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No matter what innate talents you were born with, what family you were born into, the money you have made or lost, or the times of difficulty or lucky breaks, nothing will get you to where you want to be better than understanding your full potential.

It’s the all-encompassing factor in every success story. The poor man gets rich story, or the how I changed the world with my bare hands tale. These all come from one important factor, those people who have succeeded are the ones who have learnt how to tap into something innate inside of them, and to live and breathe their dreams.




Discover how to wake up raring to go full of energy

wake-up-raring-to-goEach one of us has a unique potential lying innate inside of us. It’s a mad mix of our genetics, our environment, the way our body has been designed and the talents we were born with. Each one of us has something different, some gift to impart to this world

Of course, the first step is discovering just what that is. For some this is an instinctive process, while for others, it’s a struggle to identify. That can be for a range of reasons. We often have an instinctive idea of what we want to do as young children. However, this is often torn from us or pushed down by parental disapproval or societal expectations that don’t match our own natural talents. However, when we do find our unique potential and start living our life through it, life changes. We wake up every morning raring to go. We feel energized, fulfilled and happy. Everything just seems to fall into place, while people around us wonder how we suddenly became so lucky. It’s not luck it is simply that we have started living in alignment with our passion our gifts our potential.


Overcome what is preventing you from reaching your potential?


The most common trap is fear. I’ve never met a 20-year-old or a 50-year-old who says, “I’ve never had a single passion, dream, hope or desire.” We all have them, but a lot of us give in to fear as soon as we get close to them. The reason is that fear only gets loud when we do things that matter. Fear never bothers us if we remain safe, but the second we dare to step up to the plate, to strive to be more, fear awakens.



Making sure your needs are met



We all have basic needs for water, food, and shelter. If these needs are not met, then all our focus will be on fulfilling these ‘primal needs’ at the expense of our potential in other areas. We also have emotional needs that may be less easy for us to identify. Every one alive has the need for human interaction, feelings of security, a sense of connection to community, a need to feel intimate with at least one other person, needs to feel interested and stimulated by life, and many others.




We can help you clear your way for your potential to grow

free-yourselfIf we are chronically frightened and don’t feel safe, or are constantly trying to get enough attention because our social life is off-balance, then energy we could be using for fulfilling our potential will have to be diverted (consciously or unconsciously) toward meeting these basic emotional needs. It is possible to waste a whole lifetime in the search to satisfy one or more primal emotional need at the expense of finding and following our potential / our purpose / our dreams.

Our task at 33 Days to Happy is to help you get what you need in terms of emotional fulfillment in order to free up space to focus elsewhere. Your whole life shouldn’t merely be a search for emotional security or excitement or intimacy. These needs should be met so that you don’t have to think about them all the time. And of course, realizing some of your potential will meet some emotional needs, as well.


Unleashing your infinite potential



People talk about ‘reaching their potential’, but how many people tell you they have actually reached their potential? “Hi, my name’s Bob. I’ve reached my full potential. That’s it, I’m done now!” Remember, all apparent fulfillment of potential is a step,  not an ultimate destination. We are always learning, always developing, and always (if we are wise) working to realize our potential.



How can we assist you with our coaching

as-a-life-coachAs a life coach my job regarding potential is to help you examine the question, “Am I reaching my potential?” Which is not the same as asking, “How do I rise to the top?” or “How can I be successful in my career?” Rather, it’s about taking a very personal look at how you define success in your heart of hearts and then finding your path to get there.

We will look at all areas of your life discover which areas are taking up too much of your energy and help balance things out. We will set priorities and assist you in finding what really rocks your boat. And then we will help you set a path to living the life you choose.

Too many people feel like victims in their lives and careers, when in fact they have a substantial degree of control. Seizing control requires you to take a fresh look at your behaviour in all parts of your life and then be willing to make changes.

You can do that! and We can help!



Have you found your gift?




At 33 Days to Happy we will step by step unlock the opportunity for you to:

*Learn to override the fears of both failure and not being good enough.

*Let go of social phobias and limiting beliefs.

*Discover the talents and gifts you were given and how you can develop them.

*Develop a strong sense of purpose and direction. Learn the value of your life in this world and what a difference your new life can make.

*Become someone who loves to face a challenge and then meet it, and overcome it.

*Learn the benefits of a balanced life where your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health lives in harmony with each other and you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life.

You no longer have to be someone happy to be just comfortable. You’ll instead want to live in the zone of the outrageous, fulfilled and achieved. By investing your time to unlock your own potential, you will have the opportunity to discover all that you were created to be. This is a proven, systematic, spiritually based and practical process that helps you clarify your life purpose. Furthermore, we will provide the tools for you to design your life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose. So then you can get on with the joy of living according to your life purpose!

The first part of this process is identifying what your true purpose / potential / gift is.

To do that you need to first look at what makes you feel passionate.

A life lived with passion is a life lived fully.


Find your passion


Join me in an introductory 1 hour session and discover what your true passion is.

In this session we will:

  • Walk you through a 7 point, step by step blue print of a simple path to finding your passion.
  • You will come away with all you need to know to find out what your hearts true desire is.
  • And you will have a snapshot of your ideal life.

Unlock your full potential

Find your passion

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