The Blueprint

The Blueprint ~ The Seven Simple Shifts explained


You are not here by accident

If you have found yourself on this page it is because you are ready

for what we have to offer

This is a profoundly transformational work. Powerful, clear, straight-forward, divine information for the present moment.


The Seven Simple Shifts are seven distinct attitude adjustments, that  when put into practice cut straight to the chase and help you move to a happier, more fulfilled place of being.



We each have the power to change our world

The Seven Simple Shifts give us a new way to disolve the multitude of stresses that bombard us. They show us a new way of viewing our life so that we are more able to relax and flow through our day with happiness and ease.


What will The Seven Simple Shifts give you?

A life led by choice not chance!

Experience abundance in every aspect of life

Reach your full potential

Reduce stress

Develop relationships you desire and deserve

Increase your sense of well being

Actualize the healing power of the mind

Release fears to feel at peace

Offers a whole new way of living

What makes us different


I believe we have made change/healing/awakening much too complicated.

As humans we believe that because we have had an issue for 5 or 10 years  it must be ingrained in us and therefore take a long time for us to get ‘rid of it’.

We end up confused craving complex forms of healing because we imagine that the more complex a remedy is the deeper it must go, thinking it will eradicate all of our hidden, complicated problems.


What if the opposite were true.

What if the complexity of the treatments, rituals or practices have been keeping us on a treadmill of searching for the next bigger, better more complicated fix. What if all of this was only serving to busy our minds, leading us to think that there is much to DO to balance, to clear, to transcend. What if there were a simpler solution.


A new way of living!

As we embark on this journey, we move through The Seven Simple Shifts that encourage us to see our world differently. They open our eyes to new ways of thinking and being and they allow us to live from a place of knowing, a place that is led by our hearts and not just by our minds. They give us a sense of who we are and what life is really all about. These simple shifts change our life in so many ways but what I can say is that you will never be the same again. Once you come to a realization and you have made a shift, it is yours forever.

After working with Al, I now understand what was holding me back. With just a few simple adjustments in attitude and perspective I have been able to transform my life completely. My life has changed and now I feel in control and I feel happier than I have ever felt in my life.

Charlotte (USA)

Welcome to a new way of living

There were new mental spaces – spaces of self – belief and exhilaration, of trust and understanding.

Life began to shine a little brighter.

Julie (UK)

So what is in the blueprint


The blueprint is a short e-course comprised of 13 chapters. It gives you just that, the blue print for a happier life. Each one of the Seven Simple shifts is discussed in detail so that you come away with the knowledge and understanding of how to live in this new and flowing way.


You will understand:

  • Why love is the most important energy there is
  • How taking a moment to choose consciously is your magic moment to freedom
  • That knowing how you feel is all that is needed to change your reality


You will be empowered to:

  • To know who you truly are and to finally be free to be yourself
  • T0 base your actions on love and not fear
  • To love and give without expectations
  • To create new belief systems
  • To live a life you don’t need a vacation from

Get started now Purchase The Blueprint

Time to start a new way of living
$ 33 One time investment

Welcome to a new way of living!

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