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33 Days to Happy


Time for something new? Time to jump off the treadmill and take a breather? In his book ’33 Days to Happy’ Algernon Williams cuts through all the layers with an honest and refreshingly simple approach to feeling exceptionally happy. He offers us a different way of thinking about our lives. And this book isn’t your regular ‘Self Help’ book. This is something new and exciting that offers what is possible right here, right now. Indeed as you read through the book you feel the energy of transformation and Al cuts straight to the heart of the matter in a simple but deep way that resonates at a very human level. As you read it you begin to enter the new energy that Al is talking about and the simple shifts that can permeate our lives and transform us at our core. Al shares with us his deep understanding of what it is to be happy without having to trawl through the muck. What if we could simply decide to be happy. What if we could begin transforming our lives to live a life we don’t need a vacation from?

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