The Awakening Series

Awakening is not an answer.

It is a journey


An abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is very possible and is being offered to you at this time in our human evolution. 
During this tumultuous, yet transformational time on earth, we are nurturing the awakening of a new human consciousness in preparation for our entrance into an entirely new era of co-existence, co-operation & co-creation.  Because of this global process, some of us are being called in one way or another to awaken to more of our vast potential so that together we can co-create a new earth paradigm based in unity, empowerment and divine love.

There are two aspects to Awakening


Awakening to the game


The Awakening of the soul


Awakening to the game is the awakening to the fact that what we perceive in the world is not real. It is what is being talked about in all the conspiracy theories, the ruling elite and the 1 vs the 99 etc. It is the MATRIX.

We will not go into that in any detail in the series but I will give you some resources to explore and we will discuss them.







The Awakening of the soul is much more important and in fact renders the first awakening inconsequential and that is where we will spend most of our time during the 7 weeks.


This awakening happens in 3 stages

  1. Awakening of the mind
  2. Awakening of the Heart
  3. The merger of the two



Join us in a journey of discovery as we uncover

new insights and ancient truths.











Learning to live in this new reality rather than the old paradigm can be extremely challenging. Most of us have internalized mountains of distorted beliefs and the process of healing and realigning our inner worlds is by no means a walk in the park. Part of our mission is to explore what is available to us and what we may experience during the Shift.  With mountains of opinions and information to sort through, combined with a speed up in time, it may be hard to discern what is true for you and where to start.  The Awakening Series may be of some assistance.



What you will receive:
Paradigm shifting insights & tools that will help you fill in the pieces of the puzzle to the way you attract a more desired experience

During these 7 weeks we will learn about…


  • Shifting dimensions
  • Understanding  vibration
  • Why things are changing
  • A fresh insight on Love
  • A 5d energetic perspective on world events
  • Living a life you don’t need a vacation from


Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. One is the old world, the one we all grew up in.  In this version we are taught that life is harsh, there is much to fear and that it is vital that we trust authority  for our own safety while being governed  by external influences. Immersed in this old paradigm we indeed look out and see so much that reinforces its dismal, restrictive perspective. This is an everyone for themselves world in which we must struggle to get and hold onto, our piece of the pie.


In contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty. Those who have chosen to pay attention and listen to the whispers that blow gently on the winds of this inner landscape, discover the wisdom of our hearts and a truth that, unlike our increasingly synthetic external reality, feels right and good. When we ground ourselves in this new world we find our lives are no longer dictated by fear, instead we are propelled by a yearning for connection, authenticity, compassion and harmony.


These are the realities of the old and new paradigms that currently co-exist on earth at this time. No matter how hard we work to nurture our relationship to the ‘new’ world, the fact remains that the old world is still here. Our quest and the task we will endevour to help you with is how to live in both worlds harmoniously with grace and ease.

It is truly a new way of living


The series comprises of 7 classes over 7 weeks










At The Satori Retreat

32-36 Rimu St, Eastbourne. Lower Hutt 5013  NEW ZEALAND

Led by

Algernon Williams & Anne Prichard


Tuesdays 7-8 pm   July 11 – Sept 22


$175  (instalment option available)


To Register

Contact  Gail: 027 442 2729  or  Al: 027 502 9253

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