33 Days to Happy is an Online e Course based on The Seven Simple Shifts 


Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Unplug from the grid, freeing yourself from the distractions of life. It’s like being on a Buddhist retreat in the hills of the Himalayas.  You will find an inner peace by shedding the distractions all around you.  You get to look at the world with new eyes, emerging transformed with a new outlook ready to re-enter life with a new sense of joy and happiness.





Unplug From The Grid

Remember heading off on that summer holiday and reveling in leaving your phone behind or arriving at a secluded bay and finding you only get a phone signal at the top of the hill. Your initial panic soon turns into a new found freedom, one that enables you to unwind and slow down.








Slow Down

In the space of slowing down and unwinding you allow for new possibilities to flow in.  

Away from the distraction you give yourself the space to stop, and in this space of stillness new possibilities can emerge.







Focus On Self

Our modern lives are full of distractions that take the attention away from ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with negative news and media, the latest celebrity story, updates on our friends lives on Facebook and things to amuse us and keep us on a treadmill of disconnection from our Selves.





Offers a retreat from the bombardment of life’s busyness, allowing you to discover and leave behind the habits, behaviors and beliefs that have been keeping you from your full potential.  Get ready for a new sense of peace of mind and happiness to fill that space!

Who is this E-course for?

  • It’s an online experience for those who are ready to be liberated from the humdrum world that shapes so many of us.
  • For those who want to explore the most exciting possibilities available.
  • Accessible to everyone who is looking for change in their lives.
  • If you are looking for more joy, love and happiness…
  • This course is for You!


What do you get in the 33 days?

A Step by Step blueprint to happiness with:

  • articles
  • videos
  • inspirational content
  • tools to work with on a daily basis
  • tips to help life get easier

Stop chasing what you have to do 

and start being who you want to be!

Be a Human Being, rather than a Human Doing!





We all have the ability to create the life we want, full of happiness and joy. We just need to learn how to do it.  Led by Algernon Williams #1 Amazon bestselling author of ‘A Simple Path to Happiness’and experienced Transformational Life Coach, 33 Days to Happy will show you how.








We will give you a road map to navigate the Seven Simple Shifts. You will receive tools and direction and you will be guided to make shifts and attitude adjustments that will change the way you habitually think. Step by step, day by day, through the 33 days we will give you the keys to unlock the secret of true happiness in your life.



This course offers you

  • A platform to create a more fulfilled life from a conscious place
  • A way to increase self-worth
  • Insight into why we make the decisions we do
  • Knowledge of how to improve well-being
  • A path to a happier life

You get  33 days of:

  • Living your life without its distractions
  • A chance to vacate your current habitual life
  • Daily teachings
  • Video and audio discussions and classes
  • Daily inspiration
  • Motivational and thought provoking videos
  • 30 minute meditation soundtracks for daily use

To Recap:

You will get:

  • 33 days of teachings,
  • Over 6 hours of personal coaching  (At $111 per hour a value of $666)
  • Videos, Audios,  Articles and Meditations
  • And daily reminders to help you stay on track for the 33 days
  • A Total Value of well over $900

Your price Only $333


Every day is the beginning of a new life

Every hour is the chance for a new beginning

Every moment is the inception for a new reality

With each breath choose wisely for in each breath you give birth to a whole new you.

Algernon Williams