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Going Deeper ~ Living the Life



Every day is the beginning of a new life

Every hour is the chance for a new beginning

Every moment is the inception for a new reality

With each breath choose wisely for in each breath you give birth to a whole new you.



33 Days to Happy

An online e – course based on “The Seven Simple Shifts”

Knowledge alone will not bring change, we must integrate it into our lives. We need help to let go of old beliefs, find different ways of thinking. We must come to understand that we can make new choices and then cultivate new habits, leading us to a new way of living.

What if you could have a life that you don’t need a vacation from

What if the life you’ve been habitually living isn’t your only choice

What if you could leave behind the old dogma of stress-struggle-sacrifice-repeat

What if you could awaken to a whole new way of living


Welcome to a New Way of Living

Our ’33 Days to Happy’ e-course is a guided journey through our blueprint “The Seven Simple Shifts” and offers you a simple route to integrate a new approach to life. Old habits and old beliefs that keep us small and in a rut can shift and transform when we start to integrate universal truths that empower us instead of keeping on with the ‘same old same old’ cycles that drain us.


‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ are a body of work from Algernon Williams and speak at a soul level to our highest energy. They draw us closer to our true cosmic self and offer an awakening of the soul at a very physical level. Refreshingly simple but deep in their power,  ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’ offer you a blueprint to a whole new way of living your life, a life where you feel relaxed, happy and free everyday.


In the ’33 Days to Happy’ e-course you dive right into all the good stuff and each shift is expanded and brought to life in a real and tangible way. They make sense in a physical everyday way while at the same time resonating at a deeper soul level. It is a happy communion of our physical and divine.



The e-course ’33 Days to Happy’ walks you through the life changing shifts and teaches you how to integrate and invite possibilities into your life. The e-course is easy to navigate, simple to understand and accessible for even the most ‘time poor’ people. If you are looking for something new and exciting then the format of this e-course is for you. It is jammed packed with easy to read chunk-able text, short video clips, engaging content that keeps you energised and wanting more. It is so much more than a course.
“It is a map to your own heart, to your own sovereign self. It’s like a good book that you keep going back to. It is a resource that you can keep and go deeper and deeper into as your understanding expands and you begin to transform your life, one moment at a time.”

Annabelle (NZ)

The e-course ’33 Days to Happy’ brings to life our desire for a happier life.  It offers deep knowledge on how to live a different life and awakens in you an energising momentum that feels simply magic! It makes the impossible suddenly feel very possible and lights us up in a way that we have long forgotten. 

Are you ready for something new?

Are you ready to take the leap?

It’s all at your finger tips!

A Step by Step blueprint to happiness with:

Daily coaching articles

Coaching audios


Inspirational content

Tools to work with on a daily basis

Tips to help life get easier


So get ready:

To be liberated from the humdrum world.

For cutting edge coaching

For expert guidance

To explore the most exciting possibilities available.

To change your experience of life.

To experience more joy, love and happiness…

This course is for You!

Stop chasing what you have to do 

and start being who you want to be!

Be a Human Being, rather than a Human Doing!

We will give you a road map to navigate the Seven Simple Shifts. You will receive tools and direction, you will be guided to make shifts and attitude adjustments that will change the way you habitually think. Step by step, day by day, through the 33 days we will give you the keys to unlock the secret of true happiness in your life.

This course offers you a platform to create a more fulfilled life from a conscious place of being. A way to increase your self-worth while gainning insights into why we make the decisions we do. This knowledge of how to improve your well-being is truly a path to a happier life

You Will:

Gain clarity

Discover ways to simplify and organize your life

Find peace of mind

Be more able to cope with daily stresses

Become more focused and motivated

Become more accepting of others

Become less concerned about what others think of you

Learn how to let go of your old habits and triggers

Start to think more positively

Discover ways to make better life choices

Feel love and learn to accept love

Learn to enjoy life more

Feel happy!

33 Days to Happy e-course
$ 333 One time
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