A new way

Stage 4~ a new way of living

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participate in our community of awakening souls that makes A new way of living so special. We are a truly profound social network of like hearts & minds, a support system where you are part of creating a new way of living in a new world.

Who is this for?


Are you part of the vast movement of awakened or awakening souls bravely trying to remember who we all are and asking the big questions about how we can elevate our own consciousness further and align with our soul’s purpose and mission?

Here are a few of the topics being discussed monthly in our community. Do they interest you?

  • Who and what are multidimensional humans and why are so many of us going through the awakening process?
  • Specific strategies and wisdom on how to manage our triggers and let go of what’s holding us back
  • Discover through the group activities the best ways for you to evolve spiritually
  • How we can ensure we align with the highest plan for our soul in this lifetime


stage 4 ~ A new way of Living serves as a support system, where we are just a click away. It is a membership group of likeminded people who are all on the same journey and are looking to stay on track. You will receive articles, inspirations, helpful tips and exercises, plus a monthly coaching call with Anne and myself.

A safe environment for members to ask personal questions, receive insights & reflections from us along with others in this worldwide community.

This last stage of our journey is ongoing for as long as you desire, and is designed to support you as you integrate all the learning that you have accumulated to this point. As we come together here as a community we offer an informative and interactive platform designed to answer your questions with communal participation, facilitated & moderated by myself and Anne. However, at this stage it is not so much about getting answers as it is about stimulating new thought and the mindset required to gain a broader perspective and to see more of our self through the natural mirroring process that occurs in any group setting.

Learn how we create our universe in this new energy

We create our own universe with each step we take in favour of our truth. Each time we love ourselves, each time we hold ourselves as the centre of our own reality we create from that place. When we remember to act as love and see, feel and live that love from the inside, our highest visions come to life, they become our world and our blueprint materializes.

What do you get with your monthly membership?



A weekly reminder, some words of inspiration

These are present moment reminders, you will receive a short email each week with  inspirational messages, tips to make life simpler or exercises to help you move through stuborn times all intended to help you remain grounded in the stillness, beauty, and peace that arises in every moment.


Monthly Articles, links or videos

Here you will gain access to information that will help you move ever closer to living the life you chose.

  • Articles to expand your consciousness,
  • Videos to broaden your knowledge base.
  • Occasional links to other teachers to help you see the world from a different vantage point


A monthly 1 hour group coaching call with Al and Anne

On this call, we will address burning questions the group may have. As well as taking a deeper look into one of The Seven Simple Shifts. It is a chance to expand our understanding and clean up our energy. To help us all stay on track as we strive to Live a life we don’t need a vacation from.

What will it cost?

You have two options

All of the above for only $33

Without the monthly group coaching call $11

The value of being in a community

What is personal is also universal

Any form of healthy collaboration stimulates our energy, hearts and minds and enables us to draw from each other’s experiences.

Being part of a community brings a new dynamic to our growth, where:

  • As a group, we generate a broad array of possible alternative points of view to any situation
  • The experiences of others Informs our own
  • Group facilitators offer a neutral perspective
  • The diversity of the group expands our consciousness
  • We hear and learn from different personality types
  • The community helps us all stay accountable and on track

Come Join us!

Learn to access the blueprint kept in the chamber of your heart

Find your blind spots where your vision is distorted hindering this access

Great Value
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      • Weekly words of wisdom
      • Monthly articles, links or videos
      • Monthly group coaching with Al & Anne

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  • Without coaching
    • $ 11 Monthly
      • Weekly words of wisdom
      • Monthly articles, links or videos

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